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Competition Law Compliance

The Competition Act, 2002 has been enacted with objectives (a) to prevent practices having adverse effect on competition, (b) to promote and sustain competition in markets and to protect the interests of consumers and (c) to ensure freedom of trade carried on by other participants in markets in India.

Toyota Kirloskar Suppliers Association (‘TKSA’) has over the years consistently sought to instill a culture of compliance with various Indian laws amongst its membership. With its moto of “Progress through sharing”, TKSA acts as a nodal agency with the main objective of development of supplier partners towards global competitiveness in terms of safety, quality, production, delivery, cost and human development by formulation and implementation of various knowledge sharing programmes/activities. At the same time TKSA ensures that its good offices are not used for carrying out any illegal activity by its members.

In furtherance of its avowed policy of strict adherence to the legal regime in India, TKSA re-affirms its commitment to comply with the requirements stipulated under the Competition Act, 2002. It is TKSA’s policy that all its constituent members strictly comply with the requirements stipulated under the Competition Act, 2002 not only in form but also in substance.

Major requirements for member compliance under competition law are as follows:
Do not enter into arrangement which

  • Causes or is likely to cause an appreciable adverse effect on competition within India.
  • Directly or indirectly determines purchase or sale prices
  • Limits or controls production, supply, markets, technical development, investment or provision of services
  • Shares the market or source of production or provision of services by way of allocation of geographical area of market, or type of goods or services, or number of customers in the market or any other similar way
  • Directly or indirectly results in bid rigging or collusive bidding
  • Is a tie-in arrangement
  • Is exclusive supply agreement
  • Is exclusive distribution agreement
  • Is a refusal to deal
  • Is a resale price maintenance

Kindly note the above is an illustrative list of compliance requirement under the Act. For detailed information, click here to read the Competition Act, 2002.



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